At Northern Lakes Propane we strive to be there when you need us, from heating your home to easing the strain on your pocket book.  In the field, we are staffed with trained and knowledgable propane technicians that deliver safely to your home, cabin or business.  Our office staff will ensure your requests are handled with accuracy and efficiency.  We are your reliable, trustworthy neighborhood propane professionals.

As a Northern Lakes Propane customer you can take advantage of:

  • Lock in your rate with Pre-buy and affordable budget contracts.
  • Discounts on HVAC Services.
  • Peace of mind-We have been delivering propane for over 35 years!
  • No charge tank lease.
  • Free gas system inspections
  • No HAZMAT or Fuel Surcharge fees added to your deliveries
  • Northern Lakes Cooperative Patron Rewards-1% cash back!


We would like to offer some tips on when to order your propane:


  • Call us when your tank is between 20-30 percent.

  • Do not let your propane tank go empty.  This is a safety concern and additional fees may be applied to your delivery.

  • Allow 5 business days for your delivery to occur from the time you notify us.

  • In the winter months please provide a safe path to your tank and property.  Having your drive plowed is essential to us making your delivery successfully.